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QuikDine, a Springfield, Missouri enterprise and the brain child of a native Springfieldian, combines two very popular and widely practiced activities:

Surfing the Internet
Eating Out

At home, at work, or even on the road....anywhere you find the World Wide will find QuikDine.  And where you find QuikDine, you can:

View Menus
  • Choose from among dozens of your favorite restaurants (if you don't find them at QuikDine....let them know about it!)
  • See the entire menu...both lunch and dinner if they have them.

Order Food Online
  • When you place an order it will be automatically faxed to the appropriate restaurant.
  • If the restaurant has several locations, you choose which store receives your order by clicking on a convenient map locator.
  • Choose how you want your order delivered
    • Pickup/Carryout
    • Dine In (...make reservations at restaurants which feature this option...)
    • Delivery (...have your food delivered to by

  • Choose how you want to pay for your order

    • Pay Online:  QuikDine using state-of-the-art encryption technology supplied by GeoTrust, Inc., a world-leader in Internet security, you can rest easy knowing sensitive credit card information is transmitted across a secure connection.
    • Pay the old fashioned way....when you pick up the order.
    • Pay your Driver by cash.

QUIKDINE is devoted to customer satisfaction...please EMAIL US  ...let us know what you is important to us!

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